About us

Buying a prestige European car is something nobody commits to without considerable thought. It represents a significant investment of your hard earned money, and even after deciding to take the plunge a lot of soul-searching goes into picking the car that appeals the most to you; it isn’t an overstatement to suggest that your high-end car is an expression of yourself.

But sooner or later your dream car begins to suffer from mechanical or electrical problems. The local auto repairer market, riddled with dodgy mechanics as it is, can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of even the most passionate car fan; as bills pile up and issues in the car seem to withstand one repairer’s efforts after another, an owner can come to look upon the car they once loved so dearly with regret.

That’s where we come in.

We love repairing vehicles. We love the industry, we love keeping pace with changing technology, and most importantly of all we love cars. We love coming to work, and we believe that is reflected in our dealings with customers over our entire 50 years of combined auto repair experience.

There is nothing we love more than helping people rekindle the joy and passion they once had for their car. If your vehicle is returned to you and you’re not satisfied, we’ll go the extra mile and diagnose any problem your vehicle might have, walking you though any extra repairs your vehicle might need. Put simply, we want you to fall in love with your vehicle again.

To find out more about our services, and how we can help you love your car again, give us a call today.

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