Diagnostics and Electrical Repairs

At European Automotive Repairs, we are professional auto mechanics offering comprehensive routine car maintenance and auto repair services, including electrical diagnostics and repairs. Our highly trained staff can detect and fix faults in the electrical systems of virtually every make and model of car, with European cars being our specialty.


The Car Computer and Electrical System


The electrical system of your car does more than turn the headlights on and off and power your radio. In modern cars, electrical systems can play a role in controlling everything from fuel injection volumes to automatic braking and the remote central locking system.

Most modern vehicles also contain a central computer, which is not only responsible for making real-time decisions about the way the car functions, but it also functions similar to a black box. This means that during servicing, mechanics can access information recorded by the computer about how the vehicle has been operating, and use this information to help identify mechanical issues before they become serious problems.


Additional Services


We can fulfil all aspects of your car maintenance requirements including new car warranty servicing, routine maintenance, car electric repair, brake servicing, steering, and suspension and cooling system maintenance. We can also help with roadworthy inspections, wheel balancing and repairs. The best introduction to any service is to chat with your mechanic about how your car feels to drive and about the last time your car was serviced.

 The easiest way to avoid serious problems with your car is to have it serviced regularly by well trained and highly regarded auto mechanics.


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European Automotive Repairs is located at 168 Gladstone St, South Melbourne. We welcome drop-ins as well as booked appointments. For more information on our range of services, contact us today.