Brakes are considered by many the most important safety feature on every car. Our highly trained technicians utilise industry leading technologies to assess the power and reliability of your brakes during a brake service. We strive to be transparent and up front about the work we are doing and any associated costs that may be incurred.


The Importance of Well-Tuned Brakes


Having well-tuned brakes is vital for the safety of you and your passengers. If you have any concerns regarding yours, bring your car into our service centre as soon as possible. It is never good enough to shrug off the dangers of a car that doesn’t brake properly, even if you are reckless about your own safety, the community at large does not feel the same way, particularly about their children.


Additional Services


In addition to thorough and professional brake servicing, we can fulfil all aspects of your ongoing car maintenance and repair requirements. These services include car computer and electric repair, warranty servicing, steering, roadworthy inspections, wheel balancing and suspension repairs. Our primary tip for avoiding serious problems with your car is to have it serviced regularly by professional auto mechanics.


Drop in Today


At European Automotive Repairs, our highly trained auto mechanics offer comprehensive brake tuning and prestige car repairs of virtually every make and model of car, not just Euro motors.

Our car repair shop is located at 168 Gladstone St, South Melbourne, and we welcome drop-ins as well as booked appointments. For more information on our range of services contact us today.